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Phil JohncockFrom: Phil Johncock, The Grant Professor

Why is it important? The Average American thinks that Grant Writing is TOO TIME-CONSUMING, DIFFICULT And TECHNICAL … right?

grant-funder-facts1Consider these 4 observations …

  1. The Charity Channel says, “For many, the job of writing a grant proposal may be too daunting and technical.”

  2. “Easy” is NOT one of the words that comes to mind when you think about “grant writing,” is it? If you’re like most, you give up because it’s too complex.

  3. A colleague complained one day … because it took her 40 hours to write a proposal … that took her away from her usual job responsibilities as a librarian. You don’t have extra time to burn. My first grant in 1988 took me 100 hours to write.

  4. If you’re like the Average American, you start out jazzed with excitement of getting that government grant that you are promised on TV or the Internet … but leave in overwhelm and disappointment.

You’ve undoubtedly seen the hype promising free money and government grants for just about ANYTHING:


I’m Sure You’ll Empathize With Maria …

After Spending Several THOUSANDS Of Dollars,

She Sat CRYING In My Office …

MariaYour heart would have broken, like mine did, when Maria stepped into my college office, dropped two huge books on my desk and sat down … anger and sadness written all over her face.

“I can’t believe I paid thousands for these books and this other grant program,” she said. “I learned more in your course than these (pointing to her books). And yours cost a tiny fraction of what I paid for theirs.”

Her two books were like heavy paper weights! Flipping through the pages, my mind was flooded with how any half-way intelligent person could find even 1 grant that she were remotely eligible to apply for.

Maria’s experience is not uncommon. Here’s my experience …

I paid $1,250 for a program that promised grants for small businesses and buying homes. My colleague – a smart gal – gave up trying after 3 FULL months of earnest effort. I have to admit that I haven’t gone back myself, either. That system just doesn’t work for the Average American or me!

Let’s Face It … There’s A Lot Of BAD INFORMATION About Grant Writing On The Internet. Chances Are …


Everywhere you turn on the Internet today, people are talking about grants. In fact, books and infomercials are all around us. Almost every weekend, turn on late-night television, you’ll see it …

People charging thousands of dollars for something that blatantly just doesn’t work … because THEY don’t know how it’s supposed to work.

The fact is that it’s TRUE … BUT IT’S SAD. You don’t have to go through this vicious cycle of spending thousands … waiting … spending thousands more … waiting again … and not having anything to show for your money.

Let’s break the cycle … and let’s start getting grant money today!

I’ve been in this industry since 1988, and I’ve designed a proven system that generated over $1.2 Billion in grant funding in just two-and-a-half years AND removes the anxiety while building your confidence. That’s not hype! I’ve taught over 3,000 students ALL interested in helping charities, nonprofits and schools get all the funding they need!

“It … did not just throw you into immediately writing a proposal.”

I liked that it was not overwhelming. It gave an idea of why you should look into grant writing to help grow your ideas and did not just throw you into immediately writing a proposal.  It was easy to follow and had a good flow. I liked that each secret had a personal story or examples that went along with the secret, particularly the 15 second elevator pitch story with Bill Gates.  It makes the material understandable and enjoyable. (Brianne Musselwhite, West Sayville, NY)

30-Day Grant Writing Fast Track


Once you’re on board, sit back, get comfortable. For 30 consecutive days, you will receive in your inbox an audio secret. Your job is to click on the link in the email, listen and learn! Just relax and enjoy the ride. In less than 15 minutes a day, I’ll uncover secrets FOR you that give me a 94% success rate and my students phenomenal results.

You’ll get never-before-available access to the very best grant writing experts in the world. You’ll get access to the most accurate and timely grant information … conveniently delivered to where you live …

“in manageable, easy-to-digest chunks that are easy to understand and not technical” (Melinie diLuck, Charity Channel).

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never written a grant before or are a grant writing veteran. You’ll find tremendous value or your money back! All for 75-90% off the cost of comparable courses or workshops … in a small fraction of the time.

How can I do that? Simple: I got a grant to develop the core material for this course.

Can you believe that? I did! I can pass on the savings to you.

“… helping ease my anxiety and beginning to build up my confidence…”

I am brand spanking new to the whole notion of grant writing and not a little intimidated and overwhelmed. Your Secrets in audio clip format are helping ease my anxiety and beginning to build up my confidence. The very best part of the Fast Track series is the ability to listen (and re-listen) at my pace, on my schedule. (Beverly Stanley, Brandon, FL)

You’d better start believing, too … not in me or even in the course itself (although the system has been time-tested) … but in YOU! As Henry Ford said,

“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.” Be the train that purred, “I think I can. I think I can.”

Another reason I can make this content-rich course available to you for such a small amount is that we’ve eliminated travel costs. If you allow me, I’ll be traveling from my place to your inbox every day for a month. This would be virtually impossible without the power of digital technology and the Internet. All you need is your…

“… a lot of great info in a short amount of time…”

I really liked the easy to follow and concise lessons.  I was given a lot of great information in a short amount of time. The writing tips were extremely helpful. (Benjamin Holland, Reno, NV)

Grant Writing Process: Step 1
Develop Your Idea

83% of top grant writers we studied agree … get clear on what you want, first. In Grant Writing Process: Step 1, you’ll discover how to develop your idea for funding into a fundable plan including …

  • Dream Big
  • Tap Into Your Passion
  • 2 Ways to Be Original & Attract Funders
  • Timely Ideas that Attract Funders
  • 3 Ways to Solve Problems & Attract Funders
  • 3 Aspects of Compelling Ideas that Attract Funders
  • 21 Strategies for a Killer Sustainability Plan
  • Have Your 15-Second Elevator Pitch Ready
  • Assess The Needs Of Community First
  • 8 Basic Sections of a Winning Proposal

“… making grant writing seem accessible and not mysterious.”

What I liked most is making grant writing seem accessible and not mysterious. Steps provided helped put my desire to help a program in a more definable process. I liked that each secret had a personal story or examples that went along with the secret, particularly the 15 second elevator pitch story with Bill Gates.  It makes the material understandable and enjoyable. (Karla Nolan, Las Vegas, NV)

Once you get clear on what you want, you are ready to identify potential funders.

Grant Writing Process: Step 2
Research Funders

In Grant Writing Process: Step 2, you will learn the best ways to find funders whose ideas match yours, the 4 funder types, and the best way to contact funders. You will learn how to …

  • Lower Your Risk of Failure In Getting a Grant
  • Find the Perfect Keywords for Your Search
  • Approach Corporations Strategically
  • Approach Foundations Strategically
  • Approach Government Agencies Strategically
  • Approach Individual Donors Strategically
  • Use Linear & Nonlinear Approaches To Funding
  • Triple Your Chances with Pre-Proposal Contacts
  • Save Time By Scanning Application Forms And Guidelines

“If I had used the key words, it would have cut down on some of the time I spent searching.”

I like the way you provide the main points of grant writing. I’ve read books as well as taken classes on grant writing. I am a new grant writer. I am currently writing a grant for a youth program. The secrets you provide have helped me write this grant in the correct format. I also have searched and have spent hours searching foundations. If I had used the key words, it would have cut down on some of the time I spent searching. (Sharon Hughes-Foltin, Matteson, IL)

Once you know what you want and have identified funders interested in funding you, 100% of the top grant writing experts ALL agree that you much customize your proposal to funder specifications if you want to be successful.

Grant Writing Process: Step 3
Customize Your Proposal

Grant Writing Process: Step 3 will show you how to customize including ways to make your proposal stand out. You will learn how to …

  • Create A Timeline for Success
  • Adopt The Right Winning Attitude
  • Assemble Support Data
  • Use World-Class Writing Tips
  • Dress Up Your Proposal
  • Triple Your Chances with Mock Reviews

“Great information. Keep it coming!”

One thing that I really liked was the information about surplus. I never even thought about asking for what they have an abundance of instead of asking for money. Great information. Keep it coming! THANKS! (Bryant Blazio, Las Vegas)

Then, you submit your proposal! Done! Right! NO! Most people stop here. But, you won’t!

Grant Writing Process: Step 4
Respond to the Funder’s Decision

Grant Writing Process: Step 4, you’ll learn how to reframe a rejection into a success, as well as the most important lesson of all (and it comes from my mom!). Topics in this section include …

  • Celebrate or Transform Failure Into Success
  • If My Mom Can Do It, So Can You

“… even someone with no experience (like your mom) can have success…”

What surprised me was that even someone with no experience (like your mom) can have success. (Armando Moncada, Glendale, CA)

Now that I’ve completed this module, what will I have, and what’s the next logical step after that?

Explain to me in a couple of sentences what I’ll have once I have completed all four modules and implemented your training.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get Instantly,
As Soon As You Join the
“30-Day Grant Writing Fast Track”


30 Digital Audios
30 Digital Audio Secrets: One Audio Secret is emailed to you for 30 consecutive days. Your 1st Audio Secret is emailed directly to you immediately. $497
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Free Bonus #1: Dream-Making to Billions – Digital Video with Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” Series and Phil Johncock. $47
Free Bonus #2: How to Get Corporate Sponsors – Digital Audio Interview with Brendon Burchard by Armand Morin. $47
Free Bonus #3: How To Find Grants Online – Digital eBook $47
Digital eBook: Developing Quality Grant Proposals: Digital Special Report. $47
Forms $47
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Your Price Today Only:

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But I’m confident you’ll stay in, you’ll implement our systems, and you’ll send us a testimonial telling us how much more you’ve accomplished after finding us and taking our training.

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