4-STEP Process

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The 30-Day Fast Track System Breaks Down Grant Writing Into 4 Simple Steps…

STEP 1: Develop Your Idea

83% of top grant writers we studied agree … get clear on what you want, first. In Step 1 of the Grant Writing Process (audio Secrets 4-13), you’ll discover how to develop your idea for funding into a fundable plan including…

  • Dream Big
  • Tap Into Your Passion
  • 2 Ways to Be Original & Attract Funders
  • Timely Ideas that Attract Funders
  • 3 Ways to Solve Problems & Attract Funders
  • 3 Aspects of Compelling Ideas that Attract Funders
  • 21 Strategies for a Killer Sustainability Plan
  • Have Your 15-Second Elevator Pitch Ready
  • Assess The Needs Of Community First
  • 8 Basic Sections of a Winning Proposal

STEP 2: Research Funders

Once you get clear on your idea for funding, Step 2 of the Grant Writing Process (audio Secrets 14-22) is to find funders whose ideas match yours. You will learn best ways to find funders whose ideas match yours, as well as the 4 funder types (i.e., corporations, foundations, government agencies, and individual donors), and the best way to contact funders. You will learn how to…

  • Lower Your Risk of Failure In Getting a Grant
  • Find the Perfect Keywords for Your Search
  • Approach Corporations Strategically
  • Approach Foundations Strategically
  • Approach Government Agencies Strategically
  • Approach Individual Donors Strategically
  • Use Linear & Nonlinear Approaches To Funding
  • Triple Your Chances with Pre-Proposal Contacts
  • Save Time By Scanning Application Forms And Guidelines

STEP 3: Customize Your Proposal

Once you know what you want and have identified funders interested in funding you, 100% of the top grant writing experts ALL agree that you must customize your proposal to funder specifications if you want to be successful. Step 3 of the Grant Writing Process (audio Secrets 23-28) shows you how to customize your proposal based on funder guidelines including ways to make your proposal stand out. You will learn how to…

  • Create A Timeline for Success
  • Adopt The Right Winning Attitude
  • Assemble Support Data
  • Use World-Class Writing Tips
  • Dress Up Your Proposal
  • Triple Your Chances with Mock Reviews

Then, you submit your proposal! Done! Right! NO! Most people stop here. But, you won’t!

STEP 4: Respond to the Funder’s Decision

In Step 4 of the Grant Writing Process (audio Secrets 29-30), you’ll learn how to reframe a rejection into a success, as well as the most important lesson of all (and it comes from my mom!). Topics in this section include…

  • Celebrate or Transform Your Failure Into Success
  • If My Mom Can Do It, So Can You

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