I love the training. It makes sense and makes the grant writing process very understandable and practical.
Sonja Ellis
Las Vegas, NV

I really liked the easy to follow and concise lessons. I was given a lot of great information in a short amount of time.
Benjamin Holland
Reno, NV

Unlike many educational programs, this program’s secrets seem to apply to realistic situations.
Jenifer Chang
Las Vegas, NV

Secrets are short, precise and keep my attention easily.
Doriann Stubbs
Orem, UT

I liked the advice about how to turn a failure into a success. When you think of grant writing as being a long term, multi-step process, an initial rejection doesn’t seem so awful. It really is about building relationships.
Sue Kolar
Las Vegas, NV

I am brand spanking new to the whole notion of grant writing, and not a little intimidated and overwhelmed. Your Secrets in audio clip format are helping ease my anxiety and beginning to build up my confidence.
Beverly Stanley
Brandon, FL

What I liked most is making grant writing seem accessible and not mysterious. Steps provided helped put my desire to help a program in a more definable process. I liked that each secret had a personal story or examples that went along with the secret, particularly the 15 second elevator pitch story with Bill Gates.  It makes the material understandable and enjoyable.
Karla Nolan
Las Vegas, NV

I like the way you provide the main points of grant writing. I’ve read books as well as taken classes on grant writing. I am a new grant writer. I am currently writing a grant for a youth program. The secrets you provided have help me write this grant in the correct format. I also have searched and have spent hours searching foundations; if I had used the key words as you suggest, it would have cut down on some of the time I spent searching.
Sharon Hughes-Foltin
Matteson, IL

I liked that it was not overwhelming. It gave an idea of why you should look into grant writing to help grow your ideas and did not just throw you into immediately writing a proposal.  It was easy to follow and had a good flow. I liked that each secret had a personal story or examples that went along with the secret, particularly the 15 second elevator pitch story with Bill Gates.  It makes the material understandable and enjoyable.
Brianne Musselwhite
West Sayville, NY

One important thing I learned was that grant writing is a linear and non linear activity.
Munazza Abbas
Las Vegas, NV

I was surprised by how clueless I was. What I liked most are the tips, organization, scanned forms and guidelines.
Zari Alipour
Los Angeles, CA

One important thing I learned was the direct approach of the course and to be better prepared.
Las Vegas, NV

One technique I can apply right now is making personal contact with foundations and individuals prior to submission of grants.
Laura Yarus
King George, VA

I truly enjoyed Secret 14. After listening I began to understand starting the process to get my idea funded. I liked the break down because it was easier for me to comprehend.
North Las Vegas, NV

One thing that I really liked was the information about surplus. I never even thought about asking for what they have an abundance of instead of asking for money. Great information, keep it coming! THANKS!
Bryant Blazio
Las Vegas, NV

What I liked most about Secrets 16-23 was how to use the Law of Surplus. This had not occurred to me before. What also surprised me is that even someone with no experience (like Phil’s mom) can have success.
Armando Moncada
Glendale, CA

One thing that I really liked was the real world application of information provided.
Jenifer Chang
Las Vegas, NV

I liked Secrets 13 and 15 the most. Secret 13 clearly broke down the basic sections of a grant proposal that was easy to understand. Secret 15 was very helpful in discussing the best place to research grants. What surprised me is that published databases may be years out of date.
Kristi Weeks
Las Vegas, NV

Four take away’s are: 1. Emphasis on a compelling story. 2. Key word lists. I had key words but I am looking at this differently. 3. 21 strategic sustainability lists. 4. ISAGS. Even though I have written successfully in another state, I have approached this from a novice mindset.
Bea Smith

What surprised me was that 80% of funding agencies say that grants do not match what they are looking for.
Terri Choate
Las Vegas, NV

What I liked most was how everything was broken down into very explained sections on the pieces of the proposal and using key words to attract certain funders.
Staten Island, NY

What I liked most was the Key Word list, which makes searching through collections so much easier.
Ellen Stark
Las Vegas, NV

I actually had two favorite sections: 1) The first was the three aspects of compelling ideas. It helped me understand the more emotional side of funding decision-making. 2) The other section I enjoyed was the section on sustainability. I have found that it is often hard to explain how a project will continue on other than saying we will solicit funds from additional sources. The list of 21 top sustainability strategies reminded me of things that I already knew but did not really consider as part of a sustainability plan (scholarships, crowdfunding, letting someone else raise money for us such as restaurants, grocery stores and other retailers).

Lisa Lucio
Mira Loma, CA

What I liked most was that I’m starting to learn more about the actual process and content for a grant, as well as potential resources for learning more about them.
Charlene Gibson
Las Vegas, NV

One important thing I learned was the elevator pitch. It helps keep your idea in front of you.
Teresa Pelham
South Carolina

What I liked most were hints on attracting funders, sustainability list, sections in a winning proposal and ISAGS.
Jean Peyton
Las Vegas, NV

What I liked most was that you must understand your dream fully. Match your funders and your needs in every direction by using (ISAGS) using the right keys words. Know exactly what you are looking for in your proposal. Make sure your funders know who you are and what your mission is and how you plan to achieve it and your long term plans.
Theresa Desmarais
Benson, AZ

What I liked was the precise outlined directions and definitions of the process in writing a grant. One important thing I learned was the different formats for different organization (i.e., government, corporations, individual, foundations).
Dorothy Ratzlaff
Las Vegas, NV

What I liked most was the breakdown of the whole process into easier pieces and then the breakdown of those pieces. It makes the endeavor seem less daunting.
Ronald Harris II
North Las Vegas, NV

What I liked most was the keyword list. One technique I can apply right now to my personal or professional life is to be ready for opportunity.
LeAnne Murphy
Las Vegas, NV

What I like most were the tips on strategies for sustainability, explanation of linear and nonlinear approaches and sources for researching foundations. I am a career counselor and grant writing parallels career development and job development.
Christine Wunderlin
Las Vegas, NV

What I like most were the templates like the activity timeline, worksheet on improving the appearance of your idea/project, important items to maintain sustainability, preparedness with a short speech/pitch, the outline of fundamental plan, directions for finding a match, and most importantly was the wealth of information available from Foundationcenter.org and the vast amount of information at cooperating collections.
Didrik (Rik) Krogh
Las Vegas, NV

Without a doubt, secrets 9-10 were eye opening revelations! I then realized the foundation of my grant writing proposals will be how to write a problem statement, how to show my solution/method, and how to show my success from evaluation by the statistics.  From secret 10, the second most important step is how to sustain the organization. The 21 Strategies for a Killer Sustainability Strategies are crucial in any organization.
Sandra Scott
Las Vegas, NV